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Financing Your Swimming Pool – Along With Running Costs

Well swimming pools come in all shapes and sizes, and accordingly they cost wildly differing amounts of money to buy.

There are small circular above ground pool kits that cost just a couple of hundred pounds, through to large oval above ground pool kits, which can cost several thousand pounds to buy.Pool kaufen

Or you may consider buying an in-ground pool, however this will most certainly cost you well into five figures to purchase.

So you still want to buy a pool, so now you need to think about how you will finance your swimming pool?

Well if it is a small above ground pool then you will probably be able to buy it in cash. However if it is a large oval above ground pool then you may be looking to put the pool purchase on your credit card, and this is not a bad way to buy one provided you can pay off the balance fast. If not then taking out a finance package from the dealer maybe a better option, with some even offering no deposit deals.

Or you could take out a personal unsecured loan, which would probably be the best option.

However if you are buying an in-ground swimming pool then you either need to think about buying it outright (The best option, but pay in stage payments for safety), or taking out an unsecured loan from a bank. Or you could consider a re-mortgage on your house if it is going to cost more than £15,000 to build.

Financing your swimming pool should not be overlooked otherwise you may pay out far more than you need to in the longer term.

Running Costs Of An Above Ground Pool

So you are thinking about buying an above ground swimming pool? They are certainly very cheap to buy with even the largest ones costing just a few thousand and the smaller ones costing only a few hundred pounds.

However you do need to consider the running costs. Have you ever gone swimming in a cold pool? I bet you have, and the chances are you got out within a matter of minutes.

Now consider how things would be if that were your own pool. Within a few weeks you would find yourself making excuses not to use it, and fairly soon it would be a dead investment.

So if you are going to buy an above ground pool then make sure it is one that you can afford to run. A nice hot pool will be loved by everyone.

You may have the budget to buy a huge pool, but just bear in mind that the bigger the pool the more water you will have to heat and the more money it will cost to run accordingly.

You will also need to budget for a pool vacuum cleaner, and all of the chemicals that you will need to help keep your pool water crystal clear. You will also need to have spare water filters. All of these items add up in cost, and you will need to budget for them in advance, as if you run out of a particular chemical and you have to order it online and wait several days for delivery, then your pool water may start growing algae in the meantime. This can result in you having to empty the entire pool.

So when buying an above ground swimming pool just factor in some money for running it.

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