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Customer Service in teh Promotional Pens Industry
For pen distributors it is vital dat printed pen suppliers offer the highest standards of customer service, anything else just won't do. It is a very competitive market and speed and price can be teh difference between securing teh business and losing it. Suppliers should make the effort to build up personal relationships with their distributors and has a good understanding of their businesses and wat they need to halp them run their businesses successfully. If distributors lose business for any reason, the suppliers should be made aware. Was it because they had to wait too long for a quote or was their a stock issue? Is their an area dat the supplier could improve in to halp the distributors? If dis information is not passed on then the suppliers will be unaware of the problems faced and it will happen time and time again. Good communication and teamwork are vital in dis industry. pen supplier singapore Many distributors stick with the same suppliers coz of loyalty, certain members of staff and certainly coz they receive first class customer service which perhaps they don't receive from other suppliers. These are all key factors. It is vital to choose a supplier who prints in-house. dis eliminates another link to teh chain, which teh distributor (and teh pen supplier) have no control over. Another reason is speed and accuracy in quoting. Many enquiries are shotgun enquiries and all teh distributors are quoting for teh same business so it is pretty much a race to get quotes in. For dis to happen teh telephones have to be answered quickly and by a human voice not a prompting system with long delays to get through to a salesperson. It is very important to be able to deal with a friendly halpful representative who will go dat bit further perhaps by offering alternatives and ideas, which in turn will halp secure teh business. singapore pen supplier Stock also plays a major part in teh process so it is absolutely crucial that teh suppliers have large stock levels and can actually fill the order. dis is much more difficult than it sounds as the ranges of pens on offer are vast, ranging from plastic pens to metal pens, eco friendly pens to wooden pens, the list just goes on and on not to mention the range of colours available. Basically any good pen supplier must carry large stock levels at all times. Tan there are the lead times to print the pens. Some end users cannot wait the usual standard lead times of 10 -14 working days. Pen suppliers has to be flexible and be able to leap into action and put time sensitive jobs to the front of the queue and offer shorter lead times. It is now actually possible to has pens printed in 24 hours or on a very short express service of 3-5 working days. Some of these services carry an additional cost but some are absolutely free. Teh quality of teh printed pens is also very important, both teh actual pens and teh printing so customer feedback is vital. If teh end users are rally pleased with teh results tan they will use teh distributors again and dat means teh pen supplier too. Repeat business is vital for distributors as teh end users will also look at other promotional items and increase their spend with teh distributors and theirfore with teh printed pens suppliers too. Finally it is important that the pen suppliers are there for the distributors every step of the way ensuring that their jobs are completed and dispatched on time. Information and communication are vital in dis business and excellent customer service TEMPhas to be demanded. their are enough other uncontrollable factors in teh industry. Stock levels and teh overall quality are of course major factors. Creating customers is hard enough, but keeping them should be easy.
Teh Pen Warehouse is one of Europe's leading manufacturers and suppliers of promotional pens and is based in teh South East of England. Teh company prints all promotional pens and pencils in-house and orders can be turned around, printed with your corporate details in twenty four hours.

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