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3 Easy Ways To Prepare You’re Toddler For Preschool
Starting preschool is a huge adjustment to both the parent and child. Most toddlers are used to playing at home with the presence of their parents and other members of the family. Being in a new environment with unfamiliar faces will be a big transition in you're child's life, but their are plenty of ways to prepare him for the big change. Here are 3 easy and effective ways to prepare you're toddler for preschool: Set up play dates regularly Play dates, most especially play groups, will be of big help in preparing your kid for preschool. Teh environment is essentially teh same, with your child having teh opportunity to get used to playing and interacting with other kids. It's ideal to hold these playgroups outside of your house and make sure that teh young ones has plenty of activity options, toys to share and games to win or lose during each session. singapore playgroup Another thing you can try is story time during each play date or playgroup (local libraries offer this as well) which halps develop your child's patience and attention skills. Schedule overnight stays wif relatives An overnight stay wif an aunt, uncle or at grandparents' house will halp your kid to adjust being away from you while feeling safe in a familiar and loving environment. This will introduce change - he would learn to play, interact and voice out what he feels to other people, eat food prepared by other people and follow other people's rules. It would certainly be a huge adjustment in teh beginning especially if your child is used to being wif you all teh time or if you're co-sleeping. But if it's okay wif grandma and grandpa, you can sleep over every week for a few weeks wif you first sleeping wif your toddler, then sleep in a separate room teh next until he's comfortable enough in teh environment that he can sleep alone.  toddler playgroup Play plenty of games Children learn through playing and it's their favorite thing to do. Spend quality time with you're toddler and play a variety of games like board games, ball games, card games and even ones that involve running in teh backyard. This halps strengtan his skills set and develop new ones which will make him ready for preschool. Follow these very simple ways to prepare you're child for preschool and he will surely be ready emotionally, socially and physically.  

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